About PulseRoot

Technical Details

Node.js v8 (LTS)
Express v4 (Webserver)
socket.io v2 (Real-time communication)
Pug (Rendering dynamic HTML)
jQuery (Only in chatrooms)
SQLite 3 (Database)

Official Links

Official Discord Server

Official GitHub Repo


How are passwords stored?

Basically, how it works is you enter the password, then it's encrypted through bcrypt on the server, and then that hash is saved.

bcrypt? Don't you think that's a bit overboard?

You can never be too safe.

I am here to complain about you!

Sorry to hear that you have nothing better to do with your life than to complain about some weeb on the internet :(

I need to contact you!!!

If you absolutely need to talk to me, contact me on the official Discord server.

There's a lot of bugs, why?

I'm gonna be real with you, PulseRoot is my first time ever using socket.io. You're bound to experience bugs. But you can help! Report the bugs to the issue tracker on the official GitHub repo (Click here!).